About the Book

And Heaven Stood Silent

Christopher Billiot

Christopher Billiot is a Native American, born and raised in the small South Louisiana fishing town of Dulac, Louisiana, where he grew up hunting and fishing in the many beautiful swamps and bayous of the area.

A graduate of South Terrebonne High School in Bourg, Louisiana, reared in the Catholic faith, Chris now attends Grand Caillou Baptist Church and is actively involved in ministry work, including teaching Sunday school.

Chris is a captain on inshore and offshore vessels servicing the oilfields in the Gulf of Mexico and inland waterways of the Gulf Coast. And Heaven Stood Silent came to Chris in the wee hours of the morning at approximately 2:00 a.m. during the summer of 2001. At the time, Chris was navigating the inland waterways of the Morgan City, Louisiana, area as captain of the Aqua Eagle. 

Thinking the story was very powerful, Chris felt he should write it on paper. He scribbled a few notes that morning, then pushed. the story onto a backburner in his mind thinking surely everyone his these moments of inspiration.

Committing the story to memory, Chris paid no further attention to it.

Approximately a year later, Chris met a truck driver who said he was a pastor in the Baton Rouge area. The truck driver/pastor said he hosted a radio program that ministered to a dozen or so parishes. Immediately upon hearing of the radio program, Chris thought it would be an excellent place for exposure for his story. So Chris mentioned to his newfound friend (whom he nicknamed Rev) that he had a story the Lord had given him. If Rev had time, Chris would tell him the story.

The story so stunned Rev that he was speechless for a minute or two, hardly blinking an eye as he stared at and past Chris. It was then that Chris realized the powerful impact the story had on people and decided to put it in writing to be shared with the world.

About the Illustrator

Hans Geist is a South Louisiana artist who graduated from high school in 1994, enrolled at Nicholls State University; and received a bachelor of art degree in 2000.

Although his studies were in graphic design, his real passion is for painting and illustration. Starting his own business as a lance artist, Hans states, “After only three years, God blessed me with Imagine This, a large studio-gallery located in the heart of downtown Houma, Louisiana. God has finally brought me to a place that I am free to express my artwork at age twenty- seven in awesome ways. I thank the Lord daily for the abilities, gifts, and visions that He entrusts in me, for rescuing me, and for giving me a new life.”

Geist considers his work as a south Louisiana artist both a blessing and an adventure, is honored to work with author Chris Billiot on this book and looks forward to working on more Billiot books in the future.

About the Book

It was a bitter cold December night. The wind howled through the trees, as the Arctic air blew with the fierceness of a hurricane. Storm clouds gathered on the horizon as the forces of good and evil were about to collide. I could hear the howiling of a lone wolf and the hooting of a wise owl as they warned both man and beast alike about the creatures that were on the move this bitter cold evening.

Whilte mortal men slept, totally oblivious to the warnings and movements of the creatures not of the realm of man, one person was called upon to witness and to intercede in the drama about to unfold—a drama unknown to mortal man, but one forever logged in the annals of the highest courts of the heavenly realms . . . 

The inevitable was about to take place . . .

All of heaven stood silent. The fate of mankind was about to be sealed as the left side of the scale started to reach its lowest extreme.

In whose favor would the scales of justice tip?

Discover who really holds the key to the fate of mankind in this powerful, touching tale, the first of a series by Native American Christopher Billiot, a lifelong resident of South Louisiana.

Read the amazing story that came in the early morning hours to this boat captain as he was navigating the inland waterways of South Louisiana on his boat, the Aqua Eagle, in the summer months prior to 9/11. There are no accidents! 

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